Charging Policy for Non-Eligible Women Giving Births in Hong Kong
Citizen-Driven Public Participation in Planning Processes Within an Executive-Led Government A Case Study of Local Action and Central Harborfront Planning
Landscape Proposals for Wu Kai Sha Youth Camp Redevelopment Scheme
Waste Management in Hong Kong Abattoirs
Mechanistic Study on the Inhibition of the Late Stage of Basal Autophagy Progression by a Natural Compound (Naadp) and a Synthetic Small Chemical (Vacuolin-1)
Reverse Headgear Treatment Effect on Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate of Chinese Boys
Personalized Web Search Re-Ranking and Content Recommendation
Distributed Estimation in Large-Scale Networks Theories and Applications
A Business Plan for Setting Up a Necktie Specialty Shop in Hong Kong
Enhancing Mainland Chinese College Students Investment in Efl Learning Through Multimodal Composing Affordances and Challenges
Subchondral Bone Loss and Articular Cartilage Damages in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Profile of Pre-S Deletions in the Natural History of Chronic Hepatitis B and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Pros and Cons of Developing Ecotourism in Hong Kong Marine Parks
A Tale of Two Communities The Case of Hunghom
Porous Structure Modeling with Computers
Build-Operate-Transfer (Bot) Projects for Infrastructure Development
Frame Action in the Design of Multi-Storey Building Under Lateral Loads
Condition Auditing and Repair of Marine Concrete Structures in Hong Kong
Planning for High-Tech Industrial Development in Transitional China The Case of Shanghai
The Influence of Contraction PH and Enzyme Inhibition on the Release of Adenosine from Rat Gracilis Muscle
A Study of the Implementation in a Sample of Hong Kong Secondary Schools of the History Curriculum Recommended by the Curriculum Development Committee for Forms I to III
Perceptions of the Conditionally Discharged Patients Towards Their Status
Students Perception of Success and Its Relation to Career Planning in One School
A Study of the Use of Variation Theory to Enhance Understanding of Primary School Students of Argumentative Writing
The Habitus of Peking University and Its Students Lives
A Study of Some Aspects of Adrenal Function in the Domestic Duck
A Waterfront Development Strategy for Victoria Harbour
A Study of Chinua Achebes Five Novels in Relation to Fredric Jamesons Concepts of National Allegory and Third Worldliterature
Variation in Cyanobacteria-Dominated Biofilms Consequences for the Diet Growth and Reproduction of an Intertidal Grazer Siphonaria Japonica on Hong Kong Shores
The Rhetoric of John Donnes Divine Sonnets
Towards a Sustainable Conservation Policy for the Rural Area in Hong Kong
The Early Warning System of Debt Servicing Difficulties of a Country by Using Statistical Method to Evaluate Economic Social and Political Factors
Analysis of Indeterminate Frames by Method of Influence Moments
Syntheses of the Alkaloid Graveoline and Related Methylenedioxy 2-Aryl-4-Quinolones [Sic]
Confucianism and the Prisoners Dilemma
The Factors Affecting Enrolment in Adult Education Junior English Courses Implications for Administration
When Personal Preferences Collide with Social Norms The Role of Norm-Based Rejection Sensitivity in Accentuating the Impact of Social Influence
Targeting Cell Signaling Pathway in Treatment of Gastric Cancer by Chemotherapeutic Agents
Effects of Environmental Factors and Desaturase Inhibitors on the Formation of Docosahexaenoic Acid by Crypthecodinium Cohnii Strains Under Heterotrophic Growth Condition
Youth Work in Guangzhou An Exporatory Study of the Work of the Chinese Communist Youth League
Topics in Financial Time Series Analysis Theory and Applications
Value Education in Social Studies for Primary Schools in Hong Kong A Study of the Different Approaches Used by Teachers of Social Studies
New Town Housing Design and Urban Form A Case Study of Tai Po
Clustering and Firm Performance in Chinese Industry
Some Aspects of Finite Dimensional Cones
Feasibility Study on Rent Allowance Scheme to Non-Elderly Waiting List Applicants for Public Housing
Inversion of Low Energy Electron Diffraction IV Spectra of Reconstructed Structure of Sic (0001)
On Torsion of Tall Building Structures
A Critical Analysis of the Current Practice and Implementation of Strategic Planning for International Companies in Hong Kong
The Evolving Relations Between the Peoples Republic of China and East Central Europe Strategic Triangularism to Pragmatic Bilateralism

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